A Plain Preacher

There was once a congregation of the Lord’s people who were in need of a preacher. They searched high and low for a good man to fulfill their need. The elders called and wrote letters to various colleges and schools of preaching to find “just the right fit” for the local church. No expense was spared.

Over the next few weeks several men applied for the position. They came with their much learning and Ph. D’s, they came with all of academia trailing along behind them; yet, the elders were never satisfied with their “high brow” talk and rhetorical “mumbo jumbo.” So, the search continued.

Finally, a man showed up to preach a “try-out” sermon for the position of preacher at this congregation. He had only basic training in things secular, but there was immediately something different from the other men they had heard.

This preacher stood up to preach and he wielded the Spirit’s sword with precision. He cut down denominational error with such exactness no one could deny that what was denounced surely had no place in the church. He sliced through doctrines of men and the philosophies of all who had come before him. He divided doctrine from dogma with effortless ease. This preacher “knew the Book.”

When the preacher had finished proclaiming the Gospel in such fine fashion, there was a potluck meal furnished, which he and his family enjoyed greatly. The members of the church came by (both during the meal and afterward) to speak to the preacher and his family. Kind words were said such as: “It was wonderful to have you with us today.” And, “Boy, you sure preach it like it is!” With the line of well-wishers of the many good brethren ending, one wonderful Christian gentleman said: “Brother, you preach it plain. And that’s the way it should be preached.”

When the meal was finished and after much fellowship was enjoyed, the elders took the preacher to another room to visit with him and discuss the possibility of hiring him. Many questions were asked of the preacher regarding his doctrinal stance, terms regarding time off, salary, and other relevant matters. When much of the formalities were out of the way, one of the elders said: “We appreciate the way you preach the Gospel. We have had many men here to preach over last few weeks who never proclaimed it as clearly and plainly as you have. Brother, you preach it plain.”

The preacher, somewhat embarrassed from the string of compliments, said: “I have to preach it plain; for the Gospel is plain.”

The preacher then proceeded to explain about biblical preaching. He expounded on Paul’s words to Timothy: “I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom; Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine” {2 Timothy 4:1, 2}. He pointed out that to preach the Word, and only the Word, is a command that must be followed.

He then made mention of the fact that he, and all who profess to preach the Gospel, will be judged if they do not preach “all the counsel of God” {Acts 20:27}. That if he were to hinder the Truth; he would be held responsible for such actions on Judgment Day.

He quickly moved to other areas of preaching that he had memorized from his many hours of pouring over the blessed Book. With each word he pronounced it was obvious that he not only knew the Scriptures well, but that he believed them and he and his family lived them. The fluid movements of this plain preacher were like those of a great warrior of old, moving through a battle effortlessly; separating friend from foe with ease.  

His final remarks were those that addressed the so-called wisdom of worldly preaching. He took up with the words of the apostle; that it was only through the Gospel that would men be saved {1 Corinthians 1:18-24}. He noted that the wisdom of this world and the gimmicks and games so many use in an attempt to persuade men and women to Christ were all folly; that it has always been the Gospel that saves people from their sins {Romans 1:16}.

All of this took but a few minutes, but the point was made. The preacher let the eldership know that he was a man of God and that he would only speak where God had spoken. To this the elders gave a hearty “Amen.”

The meeting adjourned and the men all filed out of the room in which they were conversing. Spirits were high and much had come to fruition this day. The preacher had found a place where people loved and admired the Truth, and the elders had hired a man who valiantly and humbly handled the saber of righteousness.

All was well with the church. Many were edified, restored, and added to the Lord’s church during the following glorious years. Not just because of the preacher, but because many people loved the Lord and His church so much that they never failed to promote Her.

That preacher stayed with this particular congregation for many years. One day, when his hard-fought life was over, he was buried in a small cemetery with a large crowd gathered. Many friends and loved ones crowded the cemetery to pay their last respects to this great soldier of the cross. Several fellow preachers said a few words, and on his plain tombstone the words: “He was a Plain Preacher” were etched for all to see.

The plain preaching of the Gospel still lived on, even after this plain preacher was gone. This valiant soldier chose to stand and fight on the Lord’s side. He knew eternal life was reserved for those who fought for it and sought it. He knew that only through plain preaching would anyone hear the full Gospel message {Ephesians 4:15}. May God’s blessings rain upon you, plain preachers


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